Our Origin

Nestled in the heart of Waupaca, Wisconsin, Boots On Ground Coffee Co is more than just a coffee brand – it's a tribute to the heroic spirit of the military, embodied in every single drop. Founded and led by Navy Veteran Kathryn, our journey began with a profound respect for the dedication and sacrifice of those who serve.

Our Journey

With deployments across the globe, Kathryn's appreciation for a good cup of coffee became her refuge. Amidst the challenges of service life, she found solace in a simple ritual: brewing a comforting cup using her trusty French press and sturdy mug. This ritual became a beacon of comfort, a reminder of the simple pleasures that connect us even in the most demanding times. The desire to share this sense of solace with fellow soldiers led to the birth of Boots On Ground Coffee Co.

Our Mission

This coffee's essence lies not only in its small-batch, locally roasted beans, but also in its unwavering commitment to military and veteran communities. The innovative clean hot air roaster yields a characteristically smooth and low acid profile, honoring the palate and the brave individuals it serves.

But the true impact goes beyond the brew. With every bag sold, 10% of the proceeds are devoted to different military and veteran organizations. This heartfelt initiative supports the very foundations that stand by our heroes and their families, echoing the ethos of service in each transaction.

Join us in the mission of brewing service, one cup at a time. Let every sip be a salute to the unwavering dedication and bravery of our military personnel.